Pieter ten Hoopen

Film & Photojournalism

I wanted to create a project about love. One of the most fundamental things we all have is love. It’s a positive motor in our lives, allowing us to feel hope and helping us through the darkest of times.


Born in the Netherlands, Pieter ten Hoopen is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and director who has lived in Stockholm, Sweden, for over 20 years. Having spent most of his career working in the field covering diverse humanitarian crises, Pieter’s work explores the living conditions of minorities, documenting the complex issues these communities face through personable storytelling. This mission has taken him to many countries across the world, including Columbia, Pakistan, Russia, Syria and Afghanistan.
Pieter is also a founder of the Civilian Act, which aims to help companies, organisations and NGOs grow through visual storytelling and personal communication. The Civilian Act took on the responsibility of highlighting an intimate and unseen aspect of a refugee’s life – and through Love Stories, Civilian Act’s vision and aim is to make these people noticed, while creating a greater understanding of the ongoing reality we are either directly or indirectly influenced by.
Transitioning between more personal projects and commercial assignments, Pieter’s work has earned him a raft of awards, including two World Press Photo Awards (2008 and 2010) and Sweden’s Photographer and Photojournalist of the Year (three times). His latest movie and book project, Hungry Horse, was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2015.

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