London, United Kingdom, 20th September 2022: Today, Nikon releases its lightest full-frame mirrorless zoom lens to date: the NIKKOR Z 17-28mm f/2.8. An essential lens for travel, events, and creative storytelling, this fast ultra-wide-angle zoom is built to let photographers and video shooters widen their creative palette—and carry less weight.

From epic views to frame-filling close-ups, the NIKKOR Z 17-28mm f/2.8 is the perfect lens with which to tell diverse visual stories from a unique point of view. Landscapes to cityscapes. Expansive skies to street scenes. Architecture to interiors. The 17-28mm focal length range lets photographers nail detailed, all-encompassing wide-angle shots—or play with a sense of scale and exaggerate perspectives. Video shooters can draw viewers into a scene with wide establishing shots, or create a sense of space when shooting in tight quarters.

Designed to enable confident and creative wide-angle photography, the NIKKOR Z 17-28mm f/2.8 is both versatile and easy to use. The f/2.8 constant aperture is great for shooting in available light or working creatively with shutter speeds—and the lens renders big, beautiful bokeh when shooting wide open. Users who want to go for dramatic ultra-wide-angle close-ups will benefit greatly from the minimum focusing distance of just 0.19 m, which allows sharp, clear results when shooting at close range. In addition, the lens’ wide zoom ring enables comfortable handling and steady framing. And Nikon’s responsive AF focuses quickly on subjects whether they’re positioned in the foreground or the background.

Zurab Kiknadze, Product Manager, Nikon Europe says: “If you travel, shoot events, or just love to tell stories, the NIKKOR Z 17-28mm f/2.8 puts intriguing compositions and dramatic perspectives firmly within your grasp. This ultra-wide-angle zoom is made to stay on your camera and go with you anywhere as you seek out new inspiration, or re-visit familiar places and capture them from bold new angles.”

Summary of key features: NIKKOR Z 17-28mm f/2.8

Lightweight 17-28mm ultra-wide-angle zoom lens: superb sharpness and less distortion—even when shooting at the ultra-wide 17 mm end of the zoom range.
Short close-focusing distance: a minimum focus distance of just 0.19 m¹ enables sharp, clear results when shooting up close to a subject.
Fast f/2.8 constant aperture: maintains consistent exposure across the zoom range. Great for shooting in available light—or working creatively with shutter speeds and depth of field.
Big beautiful bokeh: the large Z mount and f/2.8 rounded 9-blade aperture enable large, soft spheres of bokeh when shooting wide open, and bokeh is accentuated when shooting at close distances.
Great for video too: footage won’t be ruined by focusing sounds. Focus breathing is dramatically reduced so users can smoothly shift focus while maintaining framing.
Confident focusing: AF is fast, smooth, quiet, and precise.
Easy control: customisable silent control and wide zoom ring, which is simple to operate when you have your eye to the viewfinder.
Travel-ready: lightweight—weighs just 450 g (approx.)—and the lens is sealed to protect from dust and water droplets.¹

¹ At the 17-mm zoom position.
² This lens is not guaranteed to be dust- and drip-resistant in all situations and under all conditions.

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