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Staffan Widstrand is one of Europe’s leading wildlife and reportage photographers and a very active natural heritage communicator. A full-time independent professional since 1990.

Two childhood years in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania brought him into the world of wildlife, travel, language and birdwatching, always looking at the horizon as a promise rather than a threat, at language as an opportunity rather than a barrier and different cultures as something spicy and colourful rather than dangerous. After years as a nature tour guide around the world, and a picture editor at a book publishing house in Stockholm, he decided to become a full-time, independent professional photographer in 1990. A Nikon Ambassador since 1997 and a National Geographic Explorer since 2009. Staffan speaks 8 languages and has been a frequent award-winner in many of the leading international wildlife photography competitions. He has also been a jury member in World Press Photo, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, The Golden Turtle, the Xishuangbanna Photo Biennal, Humanity Photo Awards and others. He is a successful author, with 17 books to his name, five of which has been given the award ”WWF Panda Book of the Year”, the latest in 2017. Staffan is also one of the founders of ILCP, Wild Wonders of Europe, Wild Wonders of China, Rewilding Europe, the Swedish Ecotourism Association and the Swedish National Predator Information Centre ”The Big Five”.

Staffan lives in Jarfalla, Sweden, and is a Nikon user since 1982, when he bought his first Nikon FM. He left film base with the F5 and went fully digital in 2004. ”I haven’t shot a frame on film base ever since”. He now happily uses the D5, D850 and D500 in his signature very close-up and tightly framed images of everything from people, portraits, birds, wild animals, macro details and landscapes …

He has been affiliated to stock photo libraries Corbis, Getty, Alamy, Adobe Stock, NaturePL and the Visual China Group.

Outdoor Photography Magazine has called him ”one of the World’s most infuential nature photographers”