We help you to see the world, but what kind of world do you want to see? At Nikon we’re always challenging ourselves to find a better way – whether it’s through innovation, sustainable production, or diversity and inclusivity in our workforce and the way we communicate. Our vision is of a world where the moments and memories you capture will make their mark not just in this lifetime, but for generations to come.

Nikon-NOOR Partnership

Without our support, important stories would go untold. That’s why we’re so proud of our longstanding partnership with the NOOR photo agency and foundation. It’s a pioneering collective of documentary photographers who give a voice to the vulnerable and highlight vital issues that have long been ignored. Our NOOR partners are Nikon Ambassadors who pursue the stories that need to be told, and encourage a new generation of photojournalists through the Nikon-NOOR Academy.

Europe – We’re All in This Together

All across Europe we’re helping our local environments and communities. We do this through collaborations that include  sponsorship, donations and training. And it’s not just our corporate programmes that give back – we encourage our employees to give their time too, to help make their countries cleaner, safer and more ecologically-friendly places. When we all work together we become a powerful force for change.

Fresh Solutions for a Sustainable World

We’re approaching sustainability in three key ways: using innovative technologies to tackle the challenges society faces, responding to environmental issues with a more efficient use of resources and a lower carbon footprint, and strengthening our corporate social responsibility foundation by maintaining a diverse workforce and a supply chain with high ethical standards. We’re actively seeking sustainable solutions in all areas of our business.